This blog is an adventure in learning and writing about something I love – Pleistocene North America.That’s the geological epoch that ended about 11,700 years ago.  I’m particularly interested in North America at that time, because two major events occurred.  First, sometime around then – the dates are not all known, and don’t all agree – but sometime around then, humans came to this continent for the first time.  When, exactly; how they got here; and even who they were – are all still unsettled.  Fascinating.

Second, at around the same time, lots and lots of large animals – megafauna – became extinct:  Mammoths, mastodons, giant sloths, the American lion, saber-toothed cats.  There were horses in North America, and camels too, until right around that time.  What happened to them?  Why did so many animals go extinct?  Again, as with the peopling of the Americas, much is unsettled.

So – two mysteries, right around the same time, and not really that long ago, geologically speaking.

Join me as I poke around here.

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